Our Commitment

We guarantee our commitment to respect and protect your online privacy and we hope you appreciate the openness and clarity of our policy below. By accessing this website, you are consenting to the way information is collected and used, as described within this privacy policy. In return, we give the commitment that we will use the personal data you provide only in ways that are compatible with the following policy.

Steam Data

We display and record some of your publicly available Steam profile data. We assume by logging in that you are happy for the user profile page to be created and used in this way which includes some of your publicly available Steam and TruckersMP details alongside your Soarfly Haulage data.

TruckersMP Data

We display and record some of your publicly available TruckersMP data too, data such as your user group (player, support, admin etc.) along with your company which is displayed on your user page and the backend.

VTLog and Logit Data

We use VTLog and Logit for handling job processing. The data we collect may include but is not limited to the time you started and finished your job, Steam ID, start and end city, distance driven as well as in-games events i.e. speeding, collisions etc.

Social Data

We may also store your social account data such as Twitch, Discord and Twitter which can all be configured under the profile settings screen and is 100% optional.


The cookies we use are those that we deem critical to the usage of the website such as being able to login and remember your login (this does not save sensitive data)

Privacy Policy Mortification

YourFriendlyHost and Soarfly Haulage may revise this policy for this web site at any time without notice. By using this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by the current version of this policy.

We endeavor to keep our systems safe and secure, but no system is ever 100% safe from attack or theft of data. We store comparatively little information about you, of most importance may be your Steam name, ID and TruckersMP Data such as Player ID, Company ID, Company Member ID and Company Role ID. All of our retrieved data is publicly available through Steam or TruckersMP APIs, if you do not want to share this data, then consult their policies and additionally contact [email protected]

We always want to be as open as possible about our policies, if you have any questions or have any requests then please email us at [email protected]